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      In the villages, the distinctions of dress created by law were pretty generally observed, but in the towns that law was as generally evaded: furs, and colours, and embroidery were worn by those who had no right to them, except the single one of purchase. In some instances, the law would take cognizance of the violation of its prohibitions; a fine would be imposed, but even this could not check the vain assumption;there was no law to prevent people buying, and those who could purchase forbidden finery, would, in despite of penalties, contrive some means of wearing it. But to return to our foreign merchant.

      "I heard as how Starvecrow had been bought at last," said Reuben; "not a bad farm, Muster, if you're fur green crops mostly."

      Margaret nodded assent.

      This was slightly too daring an experiment for Alice, but she resolved to have a try in her bedroom that night.

      I dare say not, he said, still non-committally.No one thought or spoke or wrote of anything else.[Pg 181] If at meetings Reuben tried to introduce Protection or the Franchise, he was silenced even by his own party. The Scott's Float toll-gate became as important as the Sluice or the Brede River or the Landgate Clock had been in other elections, and nothing, no matter of what national importance, could stand against it.

      "The freeman shall be righted, and the bondman freedand then will the mission that has made John Ball for thrice twelve months a homeless wanderer, never resting under the same roof a second nightthen will that mission be accomplishedand even if he lay his head upon the block, he will have executed the task allotted to himwill have finished the work he was inspired to begin!"

      Alice was deadshe had died in his hour of triumph. Just when he had succeeded in laying his hands on one thing more of goodness and glory for Odiam, she who had nothing and wanted nothing had gone out into the great nothingness. A leaden weight seemed to have fallen on him, for all that he was "shut of her."



      Then suddenly his manner quickened; a kind of exaltation came into his look, and he proudly jerked up his head: